Best Online Lottery Sites in the Philippines

A lottery, also known as lotto, is a type of gambling where numbers are randomly drawn to award a prize. The standard rule is to prohibit sales to minors and require licensing for vendors to sell lottery tickets.

The lottery started with paper slips and as it evolved, people could play from their computers, tablets, or mobile phones. They have made this evolution look simple by allowing lottery enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite game.

Great we­bsites exist for those who love­ to play the lottery online in the­ Philippines. Listed below are the most chosen and loved by the players. Let’s check it out on this page.

Top Online Casino Lottery Sites
















All of the online lotteries listed above from Philippine were tested and proven in accordance with our quality and security standards. It is important to note that they differ in terms of their online lottery best features among other things.

How to Play Online Lotteries in the Philippines?

When it comes to online gambling, the first step is always finding the perfect website to indulge in. This holds true for online lotteries as well. Lucky for you, the top lottery sites in the Philippines have been identified for their excellence in providing a seamless gaming experience. All that’s left to do is follow these next simple steps:

  1. Choose an online lottery site – Each online lottery site that is compatible with the Philippines has its advantages and disadvantages. Compare them to decide what you are looking for.
  2. Open an account – You can have an account on each site if you like since it is fast and straightforward.
  3. Make your first deposit – This stage may not be needed in some online lottery sites due to the option of paying only for the pence on the cart of lottery tickets. Proceed to the cashier and select your preferred payment method.
  4. Find a game – Just choose one online lotteries among others whose attributes meet your requirements.
  5. Start playing – Once you visit an internet lottery page, you will be able to fill out cards, make additional bets, and even have more features in some cases.
  6. Go through checkout process – After you add as many tickets as you want to your cart, proceed to pay.
  7. Wait for results- The tickets are yours so only results are left for having a chance at winning an online lottery in Philippines.

All of them gives satisfaction when it comes to online lottery plays but among all these nine top online casino sites listed above,  WJPeso still remains the top ranking online casino that offers the best promotions and best games when it comes to lottery games according to the feedbacks of players.