How to Play Video Poker at SuperAce88

Video poker

For the past hundred years, the original Video Poker machine has become accessible, easy and more entertaining due to the invention of Online Video Poker. The two games use the same computer programing and technology and are played in the similar way as well.

Traditional Poker video differs only in that a player has to go to brick and mortar casinos while to play online all they need is a browser and internet connection either at home or anywhere.

How to Win at Video Poker

Unlike most video poker online games where it’s just you versus another player, playing poker video is pretty straightforward, like how multi-players will play. Don’t beat other players; create a firm hand. You will receive compensation for your bet if you have a strong hand.

The most common Jacks or Better Video poker variant is one in which a player has a pair of Jacks. Pairs of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces pay 1 1 after you pay 100php if you bet with 100php on having a couple of Jacks, including your stake of 100php.

video poker

How to Play Video Poker

Buttons, as in video poker, are pressed or “clicked”. The following list video poker machine’s buttons and its corresponding functions.

The lowest button on the left shows the denomination of each coin. There will be two arrows going left and right around the button. By clicking the left button, one can drop the coin denomination whereas, by using the right button, the coin denomination is raised.

This button represents one coin with respect to the given denomination and makes it a bet for a person involved in this game. This is the button which will allow you to push it five times provided that each push corresponds with one credit, or as many credits as appropriate depending on the circumstances surrounding it at the moment.

Clicking or pressing on the Bet Max automatically adds all the allowed credits into that machine. The Bet Max button on a Poker machine will automatically put in the maximum bet which is normally the same as betting all five allowable credits for each play. In most cases, you have to press the bet max button and deal/draw at once.

Once it staked (except for stake max), then press this key that starts a game and deals cards. Additionally, you can hit the draw afresh buttons once you press on hold or discard button.

Under the each card dealt, a “Hold” button. Then, while pressing hold on every card you would want to save. To ensure you don’t lose a card you took by accident, press Hold under it.

Find out How to Study a Paytable 

The pay table on top of any SuperAce88 video poker machine. The following pay table highlights the different winning hands along with their respective pay outs dependent on the number of credits played. To show you how it goes, we offer only a simplified paytable. 


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