Slingo Bingo

What is Slingo Bingo?
You might know that Bingo is a famous number game, but if you don’t really understand online games much then maybe you haven’t seen ‘Slingo Bingo‘. In everyday terms, slingo is a game you play on the internet. It mixes parts of regular bingo with games like slots in one place. A man from New Jersey thought up slingo. It started on the AOL website in 1996 and became very popular quickly when people realized they liked this simple game a lot.

A simple guide to start playing Slingo Bingo

Slingo games let people play in a web area where they combine parts of the common 75-ball bingo game with usual traits from old slot machines. The main play area has a 5 by 5 number grid. This is where the game’s slot reels are right under them. As its name suggests, online slingo is like regular bingo so the screen where you play looks just like a card used in traditional bingo games. While playing, there’s only one space on each machine reel in a row that players can see at the bottom of the screen.

First, slingo was only made available in a test version as an enjoyable free-play choice. But now that slingo’s use has grown, it is possible to play online games of slingo for real money bets like many other slot machine games. Slingo is a fun game. It’s interesting because it gives you an enjoyable way to play which has been great for people who like bingo and slot games too.

How to play Slingo Bingo

If you want to play slingo online, it’s a new bingo style that is very fun and simple. Remember that Slingo is just a mix of ‘bingo and slot’ games. To begin, turn the slot wheels under your grid. Then look at your grid and check if it shows any of the chosen numbers now found on those spinning reels. Surely, this action is like checking your bingo card during the game when numbers are announced.

But not only slingo numbers, your reels can also show additional symbols during any game. It’s important to keep an eye out for these Slingo symbols. They might give you quick rewards and some extra game features too. In the traditional Slingo games, this group of symbols may contain things such as The Joker, Gold Coin, Super Joker and Free Spins.

For your share, you will get a fixed amount of turns. These must be done within the time limit set. You might get some chances to gain more free spins when playing Slingo. You can always buy extra turns if you want them during game time.
Slingo is more than just checking off the numbers on your grid, like what you would with a normal bingo ticket. To win at Slingo games, you need to collect game points.

In Slingo slots, you get a certain amount of game points with each spin. The real amount will change based on what happens in the game. Though different slingo slot games feature different kinds of prizes, points are typically awarded for game actions such as: Erasing a row of numbers, removing all the figures on your card, catching coin symbols and turning multiple Jokers or Super Jokers.

Classic Slingo symbol

– A Joker is a special card that can be used to mark any number in the grid column above.
– A Super Joker is worth more and can be used to mark any number on your gameboard.
– Three or more Jokers, or Super Jokers, get a quick money prize.
– A Free Spin icon lets you have one free spin.
A symbol of a Coin wins you instant money.

Apart from the usual style of slingo that’s very much like classic bingo, there are many other kinds which use ideas from online slot games. 

Bingo and Slots – What’s the difference?

Web slots and bingo games might be similar in some ways, but there are also big differences. Bingo slot machines give an experience that’s almost like real live bingo games. But, slingo is a slot game too. This means it will have other parts like the extra symbols and free spins talked about before.

Some experts say that online slots might have a small chance of winning more than other forms like bingo and slot. So, please go ahead and try our new slingo games in Supercace88.


Slingo Bingo is a fun game that mixes bingo and slot machines. It’s exciting to play specially in Jbet88. It gives a special and fun game time that can be played by people of any age. With easy rules and simple gameplay, it’s perfect for anyone wanting a fun way to spend time. If you’re playing Slingo Bingo for fun or real money, it is a game worth trying.

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