Valorant – Esports Betting Guide

Valorant is one of the newest entries in the world of professional Esports scene. This was developed and designed by Riot Games. Its emergence in 2023 has taken the esports world by storm. This has become one of the leading competitive esports in just a short period of time. In the growing market of esports betting sites, Valorant has made its way as one of the popular titles because of its fanbase. As the scene for Valorant continues to grow, a lot of sports betting sites offer opportunities to fans to support and bet on their favorite teams and players.

Valorant Intro

Basics of Gameplay

Much like CS:GO the Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter. There are two teams of five players battling out on a map. Teams are either attacking or depending on certain areas such as bomb sites. The attacking team can plant a spike on a bomb site and defend it until it explodes, or they can eliminate the defenders. On the other hand, the defending team must defend the bomb site until the time runs out, eliminate attackers, or defuse the spike if planted.

The map is split into two sides, and at half-time teams swap sides which happens after the first 12 rounds. The game is played in a first-to-13 format, meaning the first team to reach 13 rounds wins. In the event that the two teams are tied at 12-12, they will play one final round.

One of the unique features of this game is that each player can pick a character that is called an agent. Each agent has their unique special abilities and skills. Each one has four, 3 basic skills that usually cost money and with getting kills, accomplishing objectives can unlock the ultimate.

Betting Types in Valorant

A lot of sports betting sites now offer wagers in Valorant considering its popularity today. Here are the common betting wagers:

Money Lines

This is the most common type of betting line and in this position, you bet on the outcome/winner of the match. This is between the 2 teams and odds determine who is the favorite and the underdog

Future Bets

This is a way of betting where you predict the outcome of the whole tournament and bet on the team who will win the competition.

Special Bets

This is a type of wager wherein it allows you to bet on occurring events in the match. These special bets are; Player with the most kills, most assists, most headshots, and other quantitative metrics.

Round Margin

This is about betting on the round advantage at the end of a match. Valorant matches require 13 rounds to win the match. This allow you to bet on the number of total round that will be played between both teams. Over/Under is the common term for this.

Gain an Edge in Betting

You will never fully understand the game until you play it. You need to acquire as much knowledge as possible to gain an edge when betting on Valorant. These steps can give you an advantage when placing your bets.

Play and feel the actual game by downloading the Valorant for free. Learn the types of funds, see has mobility of characters, and understand the layout of the map. You may also research what are the different unique tools for each agent.

Watch professional streamers that are always available on Twitch. This is a great way to acquire knowledge as you can see how these professional streamers play the game.

Another way to gain knowledge is to watch tournaments. Listen to the caster and how they break down the player or team’s performance.

Research the statistics of the team, this will allow you to know the current standing of teams that will participate in a match. Understanding the stats will give an insight into a particular team’s performance.¬†

Valorant has been one of the leading Esports in a competitive platform. The industry of Esports tournaments is growing popular as time goes on. The market share as an Esports betting title is relatively increasingly large as well. For the best esports online betting experience, you have to make sure to find a competitive and credible online casino platform such as