Terms and condition


Terms and condition – SuperAce88 is a popular online casino game in the Philippines. Note that this is a requirement before one starts playing at the SuperAce88 online casino. Every player needs this information.

Legal Age and Jurisdiction

Before you play at Superace88, you must be 18 years old or above to comply with the law of your jurisdiction.

Registration and Verification on your Account

Creating an account with SuperAce88 is essential for you to play on this platform, but it comes with specific responsibilities. Users must provide their accurate personal information during registration because the online casino will ask for your precise information and your actual age. For any loss caused by the user through the operation of others, This platform does not assume responsibility.

Responsible Gambling

SuperAce88 encourages people to gamble responsibly. You agree that gaming is risky and that you should only do it occasionally. If you have a problem with gaming, please get help from a support group.

Bonuses and Promotions

SuperAce88 offers prizes and special deals that make people want to play. There are, however, rules that must be follow to collect and cash out the bonus funds. Conditions like these usually include minimum bets and time limits. Before accepting any bonus deal, it’s essential to read these terms and conditions.

Deposit and Withdrawal Policies

The player should be aware of the option of the deposit and withdrawals and its processing time because it has a minimum and maximum. For this, the casino will ask for your verification documents when you are processing your withdrawal methods.

Game Rules and Fair Play

The player should follow the rules by playing on this platform. Do not do some cheating games. SuperAce88 can terminate your account if you do this and take some legal action.

Account Security

Protecting your account is of utmost importance. SuperAce88 advises users to maintain the confidentiality of their login details and take necessary security precautions. They will not be responsible for any unauthorized access to accounts.Your account on this platform is always secure. Do not share your account with others to stay protected. SuperAce88 doesn’t have any responsibility for this if you share your account with others and lose it.

Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy. This is our Privacy Policy. It tells you how we get, use, and keep your personal information safe.

Changes and Updates

Players should always go to this page to review the terms and condition to stay informed about any changes in the platform.

Government Law

According to the rules of the Philippines, these terms and condition control and are understood. Courts in the Philippines will be the only ones who can decide any disputes arising because of these rules.

Welcome SuperAce88 Terms and Condition; you must follow all the rules in the terms and condition above so you do not have any problems in your online casino game at SuperAce88.